This is one of the two satellites to test and validate technology solutions, launch operations and mission management ahead of deploying the Kuiper constellation.

Mission Type Communications
Orbit Low Earth Orbit

Second-stage launch vehicle developed by ABL Space Systems using their E2 RP-1/LOX rocket engine. Nine engines are used in the first stage and one in the second stage. The RS1 is designed to be deployed and launched from any suitably flat site using a containerized launch system transported by trucks.

Manufacturer ABL Space Systems
Thrust 485kN
Length 26.8m
Diameter 1.83m
LEO Capacity 1350kg
GTO Capacity 400kg
Launch Cost $12m
ABL Space Systems
ABL Space Systems

ABL Space Systems is an American company based in El Segundo, California, specialized in launch vehicle and launch systems technology manufacturing using CNC and 3D printing.

Type Commercial
Administrator CEO: Harry O'Hanley
Launch Vehicles 475
Spacecraft None
Unknown Pad
Unknown Pad
Location Cape Canaveral, FL, USA
Total Launches 0