Prime Prime
Maiden Flight

Maiden flight of Orbex's Prime rocket from Sutherland Spaceport. This flights marks the first vertical orbital launch attempt from the United Kingdom, and the first orbital launch attempt from Scotland.

Mission Type Test Flight
Orbit Unknown
Orbex Prime

Prime is a 2 stage orbital launch vehicle manufactured and operated by Orbex to provide launches for small satellites to low Earth orbits.

Manufacturer Orbex
Thrust nullkN
Length 19m
Diameter 1.3m
LEO Capacity Unknown
GTO Capacity Unknown
Launch Cost Unknown

Orbex is an aerospace company based in Scotland providing CubeSat launches to low Earth orbits.

Administrator CEO: Chris Larmour
Launch Vehicles None
Spacecraft None
Launch Complex
Launch Complex
Location Sutherland Spaceport
Total Launches 0
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