Nuri Nuri
Flight Test 2

Second flight of the KSLV-II "Nuri" launch vehicle, carrying a dummy satellite Payload of 1500 kg to sun-synchronous orbit. The mission will in addition launch the performance verification satellite (PVSAT) and four Cubesats: - CubeSat (6U) STEP Cube Lab-II - CubeSat (3U) SNUGLITE-II - CubeSat (3U) MIMAN - CubeSat (3U) RANDEV

Mission Type Test Flight
Orbit Sun-Synchronous Orbit
KSLV-2 Nuri

Nuri, also known as KSLV-II, is South Korea's second carrier rocket and the successor to KSLV-1.

Manufacturer Korea Aerospace Research Institute
Thrust 2612kN
Length 47.2m
Diameter 3.5m
LEO Capacity 2600kg
GTO Capacity Unknown
Launch Cost Unknown
Korea Aerospace Research Institute
Korea Aerospace Research Institute

The Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) established in 1989, is the aeronautics and space agency of Republic of Korea. Its main laboratories are located in Daejeon, in the Daedeok Science Town.

Type Government
Administrator Cho Gwang-rae
Launch Vehicles None
Spacecraft None
Location Naro Space Center, South Korea
Total Launches 1
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