Long March 4B Long March 4B
Terrestrial Ecosystem Carbon Inventory Satellite (TECIS)

Note: Launch vehicle and payload uncertain. The Terrestrial Ecosystem Carbon Monitoring Satellite (TECIS) is intended to evaluate forest biomass, measure atmospheric aerosol content, and detect photosynthetic fluorescence. These measurements will contribute to efforts to combat global warming. The satellite carries 4 instruments: Multi-Beam LIDAR, Directional Multi-Spectral Camera, Directional Polarization Camera, and Chlorophyll Fluorescence Hyper-Spectral Monitor (SIFIS) The satellite will operate in a sun-synchronous orbit at a height of 506 km, at 10:30 AM local time in the descending mode, with a designed lifetime of 8 years.

Mission Type Earth Science
Orbit Sun-Synchronous Orbit
Long March 4B
Long March 4B

The Long March 4B (Chinese: 长征四号乙火箭), also known as the Chang Zheng 4B, CZ-4B and LM-4B is a Chinese orbital carrier rocket. Launched from Launch Complex 1 at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, it is a 3-stage rocket, used mostly to place satellites into low Earth and sun synchronous orbits.

Manufacturer China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation
Thrust 2961kN
Length 44.1m
Diameter 3.35m
LEO Capacity 4200kg
GTO Capacity 1500kg
Launch Cost Unknown
China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation
China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation

The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) is the main contractor for the Chinese space program. It is state-owned and has a number of subordinate entities which design, develop and manufacture a range of spacecraft, launch vehicles, strategic and tactical missile systems, and ground equipment. It was officially established in July 1999 as part of a Chinese government reform drive, having previously been one part of the former China Aerospace Corporation. Various incarnations of the program date back to 1956.

Type Government
Administrator Chairmen & President: Lei Fanpei
Launch Vehicles Long March
Spacecraft None
Launch Complex 9
Launch Complex 9
Location Taiyuan, People's Republic of China
Total Launches 35
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