Black Brant IX Black Brant IX

The Dual-channel Extreme Ultraviolet Continuum Experiment (DEUCE) is a payload from the University of Colorado. its objective is to observe α Centauri A & B and measure a so-far unstudied part of their extreme ultraviolet light spectrum. These measurements are needed to model stars similar to and smaller than our Sun, as well as understand their effects on planetary atmospheres.

Mission Type Astrophysics
Orbit Suborbital
Black Brant IX
Black Brant IX

The Black Brant IX is a Canadian-designed sounding rocket used by the CSA and NASA.

Manufacturer Magellan Aerospace Corporation
Thrust nullkN
Length 12.2m
Diameter 0.46m
LEO Capacity Unknown
GTO Capacity Unknown
Launch Cost Unknown
Equatorial Launch Australia
Equatorial Launch Australia

Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA) is an Australian startup founded in 2015 to provide commercial space launches from the Arnhem Land spaceport.

Type Commercial
Administrator CEO: Michael Jones
Launch Vehicles None
Spacecraft None
Suborbital Launch Ramp
Suborbital Launch Ramp
Location Arnhem Space Centre
Total Launches 2
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